Wednesday, December 31, 2008


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It's interesting to observe which subway stations are properly maintained, and which aren't. When I lived on 62nd, I would get off at the F-train stop at 63rd/Lex, and it was almost always impeccably preserved.

In contrast, the 168th stop is often very dirty, has leaky ceilings, and needs a fresh coat of paint/tiles...everywhere. It's just the sort of thing that reminds you every so often of the social inequity in NYC. Just because the 63rd street stop is in a more commercial area, is it fair for those residents to receive better treatment from the MTA? One could argue that those stations experience more traffic, and as such require a higher budget. Nonetheless, the stations above 125th street are for the most part in dire need of renovation. Unfortunately the "draconian cutbacks" outlined by MTA officials present a fairly bleak outlook for improvements.

Oh well...


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